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5 weeks (10 individual lessons)
A course that will help you learn to understand DJ equipment, mix tracks, and be ready for your first performances. In 10 lessons, you'll learn everything you need to feel confident at the console and know what you're doing.
220 €
Lesson 1-4
Introduction to the equipment, overview of general functions.
Track structure, basic principles of mixing.
Practice different ways of mixing.
Mixing tracks by ear.

lesson 5-6
Working in the Rekordbox program. Preparing the first mix.

lesson 7
Effects, their types, and how to use them.

lesson 8-9
Advanced functions of DJ equipment (Hot Cues, Loops, Sleep mode...)

lesson 10
Recording your own mix. Diploma. And the decision of further development steps.
5 weeks
(10 individual lessons)
A specialized course for those who want to learn how to master vinyl records. In this course, you will learn how to do all the basic and advanced types of scratching. Moreover, we will teach you how to apply it in your sets, regardless of the style of music.
200 €
lesson 1-2
Getting to know the equipment, hand positioning, Baby Scratch
We practice the basic elements (Baby, Tears). We learn to apply them to the rhythm.

lesson 3-4
We learn how to work with a crossfader. Forward, Transformer, Chirp

lesson 5-6
The basic elements of the Flare scratch (OG Flare, One Click Flare, 2Click Flare)

lesson 7
Combining the elements we've learned, using different samples (phrases, musical fragments), and learning how to apply them in specific examples.

lesson 8
We learn to "read" scratch elements from scratch transcriptions (TTM).

lesson 9-10
The basics of Beat Juggling and building your own program.
8 weeks
(14 individual lessons)
Writing your own tracks is considered to be the pinnacle of DJing. You can be a great DJ, but if you don't have any original releases, you won't be able to play at major world festivals. In this course, you will learn how to use music sequencers and write music.
320 €
Lesson 1
The Ableton live interface.
Lesson 2
Percussion instruments. The rhythm.
Lesson 3
Bass line, creating a rhythm section.
Lesson 4
Synthesizing and generating sound
Lesson 5
Sampling and techniques for applying it in practice
Lesson 6
Automation and its purpose.
Lesson 7
Working with plugins
Lesson 8
Working with effects
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
General mixing of the composition
Lesson 15
Finalizing the project
I would like to express my gratitude for the professional approach in organizing the process of teaching DJing skills. Andrew is a highly qualified teacher with an individual approach. Cooperation with Dj Andrew continues in my professional work DJ Aurora.
Olga Sokolova
Online, high-quality, with useful tips and chewing material even for complete dummies. It's also really cool that you can choose a convenient schedule for yourself (for me as a busy person), it's a buzz!
I want to say big thank you to DJ Academy. This course gave me the opportunity to dive in deeper into the club world not just as an artist manager but also as a DJ. During 10 lessons I have learned the fundamentals of DJing. Playing in Czech clubs became possible for me thanks to the lessons I received.
Dennis Smit
I can't speak highly enough about my experience at this DJ academy . The level of instruction and the quality of education provided here is truly top-notch. The instructors are not only experts in their field but also excellent educators who are dedicated to helping students succeed. I've gained invaluable skills and knowledge during my time here.
"Amazing opportunities of online education. In a time of endless information flow, it's a fresh extract of the most functional information. I'm very grateful to DJ Academy for the foundational knowledge about DJing. Maximum engagement in the process, vast experience, and plenty of practical sessions. Thank you for the experience gained."
While searching for courses on creating music, I came across this school, which I was already lucky to find, and even luckier with my mentor, the instructor Leonid – a true professional in his field! I'm very grateful to DJ Academy for the foundational knowledge about DJing. Maximum engagement in the process, vast experience, and plenty of practical sessions. Thank you for the experience gained."
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